The area of
30.612 ha


The population


Towns and villages in MAS
O Rudohorí

The territory

Briefly about The Slovak Ore Mountains More information.

Obce a mestá na Rudohorí

Towns and villages

Overview of towns and villages in the area More information.

Chránené územia v Rudohorí

Protected areas

Protected areas and sites More information.

Zaujímavé miesta na Rudohorí

Tourist attractions

What is definitely worth a look More information.

Turistické trasy v Rudohorí

Hiking trails

Hiking trails in the teritory More information.

Cyklotrasy v Rudohorí

Cycle routes

Cycle routes in the area More information.

Športoviská v Rudohorí

Sports Fields

Sports Fields in the area More information.

Kultúrne pamiatky Rudohoria

Historical monuments

Historical monuments in teritory More information.

Festivaly a pudujatia v Rudohorí

Festivals and Events

Traditional festivals and events in teritory More information.

Umenie a remeslá na Rudohorí

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts in teritory More information.

Ubytovanie a stravovanie v Rudohorí

Accommodation and Board

Accomodation and Board in teritiry More information.

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